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In Slovenia, we do not make enough use of the opportunities that digital transformation projects bring, as there are still not many such projects. In addition, most organizations tackle them with a focus on technology and less on business starting points. We have a lot of reserves, especially in understanding and above-average satisfaction of the needs of the digital user and in innovating digital business models. The potential offered by real digital business is undoubtedly remarkable, it would not be a shame to take advantage of it, as it brings many benefits.

Benefits for businesses

By properly implementing digital transformation and digital business projects, companies better address the real needs of digital users. This allows them to offer them a better experience (Customer eXperience) and greater added value with their above-average products, services and solutions. In this way, companies raise their visibility in the market, increase sales and ensure lasting competitiveness.

As a company, in cooperation with Digital Transformation, you can obtain:

• better connectivity of the needs of your digital users and the capabilities of digital technologies with its offer,

• more satisfied end users of your solutions and products;

• more competitive business models, solutions / products;

• more successful acquisition of the necessary digital competencies for its employees;

• a more successful project of your digital transformation, if you are just embarking on this path;

• more successful digital projects due to better preparation;

• more effective participation of all partners on the basis of a common platform;

• the opportunity to experiment and test business models and solutions in the business and technology laboratory to be even more in line with the needs of digital users;

• promotion of (SRIP) solutions in global markets.

How to benefit together

Our common starting points on the path to delivering benefits are: in-depth understanding of the digital user and connection with his processes (customer journey), creation of digital business models, innovative integration of digital technologies and development of above-average products, services and solutions.

Successful creation of digital business models and new solutions in individual industries or within individual domains of vertical SRIPs requires in-depth digital business starting points and an excellent combination of domain knowledge and new ideas of vertical SRIPs with Digital Transformation services. And this already in the initial phase of preparation of digital projects.

Image formula: domain knowledge + business ideas + digital business models + digital projects = successful (SRIP) offer = satisfied digital users => benefits for companies

Understanding the digital customer and including it in your development and innovation process is a prerequisite, creating an agile business environment, and piloting and experimenting is essential to achieve benefits and business goals.

Digital Transformation provides a variety of services designed to raise digital competencies, understand the digital customer, create a modern user experience, innovate strategies, digital business models and products. On these bases, we help with the renovation or. designing processes in a way that best supports change. We provide environments for technical piloting and business experimentation of business models, products and services. We plan and manage digital projects.

The services provided by Digital Transformation are as follows:

• workshops to find synergies between the contents of value chains and digital capabilities for the benefit of end (digital) users / customers;

• workshops on the transfer of the DT model of connecting the needs of end users with the capabilities of digital technologies in the areas (value chains) of SRIPs;

• Educational workshops in the field of understanding the capabilities of digital technologies in the renewal of business models, processes and products and in the field of learning about trends, concepts of digital economy and digital business models and the development of digital competencies and digital culture;

• training for raising digital competencies;

• innovation and renewal of strategies - linking the business and digital strategy of a company or value chain; transfer of strategies to business;

• (co) creation of new products / solutions and business models based on the capabilities brought by modern technologies;

• analysis and renewal of business processes and participation in the design of processes that will support new business models created through individual SRIPs;

• creating a modern (digital) user experience for new digital products / solutions;

• establishment of digital platforms (partnerships, business cooperation rules, digital concepts and technologies);

• piloting projects in established environments for business experimentation / Living Labs;

• creation of modern marketing processes and the use of tools for marketing automation in market entry and internationalization;

• planning of digital infrastructure and architecture of application solutions to support new business models and process organization;

• help with your digital transformation (transformation) projects;

• preparation of the technological part of digital projects (creation of specifications and requirements) and their management.

Why choose digital transformation

The Digital Horizontal brings together companies, business institutes and associations and universities, which together provide key digital competencies, experience and innovative approaches in the field of digital transformation and implementation of digital projects. Together, we have prepared services that are suitable for companies included in the verticals of SRIPs and also for other companies. We also offer tested pilot and experimental environments. We are open to creative collaboration to achieve common goals and benefits - to create modern digitized products, solutions and business models to increase competitiveness and export penetration.

Digital Transformation and Digital Automation from European e-Solutions Pioneers

How to contact us

We are happy to be available for discussion, a whirlwind of ideas, a practical presentation of experimental and pilot environments and our other services, all with a focus on providing you with benefits and added value.

Our contact persons are:

Nenad Šutanovac, GZS, nenad.sutanovac@gzs.si

Aleš Štempihar, IIBA, ales.stempihar@slovenia.iiba.org