The horizontal realm of the Internet of Things


Today, success in supply chains and own market breakthrough is very much related to managing t.i. Internet of Things (IoT). Adding sensors to work processes and products, collecting and processing huge amounts of data, customizing and creating new business models. This is the essence of digital transformation. The potential of using IoT is enormous, as evidenced by numerous examples from practice. That is why we, the leading Slovenian companies and research institutions, have joined forces in the field of ICT and IoT within the SRIP Smart Cities and Communities. We want to help all other SRIPs quickly resolve related challenges in their own projects.

Benefits for businesses

By using IoT, companies obtain the necessary information to monitor the processes of their own business and, in agreement, also the processes of their customers and business partners. This allows them to better understand processes, optimize processes, timely detect and manage deviations from optimal process performance.

The use of sensors in end products provides useful information on the operation and methods of use of these products and thus on the habits of digital users. It enables proactive action and the creation of new business models. With their above-average products, services and solutions, they offer customers a better user experience and greater added value. In this way, companies raise their visibility in the market, increase sales and ensure lasting competitiveness.

In collaboration with the Internet of Things, companies will gain access to platforms that enable connectivity (wireless, mobile, 5G, new technologies), sensor technologies, distributed smart modules, smart objects, customizations and applications, and the ability to do so through research and innovation. integrated into new ICT / IoT solutions for all areas.

As a company, IoT can provide you with:

• Better management of your processes and the processes of digital users

• timely decisions

• more optimal operation of your solutions and products

• more successful projects t.i. Industries 4.0

• Involvement in IoT platformsIn solving challenges, we combine knowledge from various domain areas of the Internet of Things (eg Smart Infrastructure, Smart Factories, Smart Houses, Smart Energy, Smart Healthcare, Smart Cities) and focus our activities on a common goal: growth and business success in the digital world.

• IoT devices, sensors, integration into platforms:Design, selection and development of IoT sensors, devices and platforms and establishment of communication connectivity between them. Technological solutions.

• IoT solutions for different domain areas: Joint planning, selection and development of dedicated domain applications for control, management and administration, optimization of processes, systems, devices. Data processing and graphical display.

• Vocational training: Research shows that as many as 45% of companies entering the Internet of Things and digitization face difficulties in finding professionals, so we offer training programs:Digital Academy, IoT Academy, ICT Academy.

• Prototyping, Fablab Creative Labs: Fablab Creative Labs play an important role in realizing the open ecosystem and the Internet of Things innovation. We offer the possibility of prototyping products and solutions, know-how, support and mentoring in starting our own and integration into existing prototype Fablab laboratories operating within the national Fablab network.

• Communication solutions for IoT: Connecting devices and applications according to the specific needs of each use scenario; wireless or wired, own or operator solution, range, power consumption, security.

• IoT business models: Assist in planning the implementation of new business models and processes. Digitization of internal processes. Digitization to enter the digital market.

How to benefit together

Leading Slovenian companies and research institutions dealing with ICT and IoT and providing knowledge, competencies, experience and experimental environments for solving challenges in IoT-related projects are gathered in the Horizon of Internet of Things. We highlight the possibilities of rapid prototyping and open innovation that allow local communities and businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones, to test the feasibility of their idea before going into production.

By cooperating with the IoT horizontal and other ICT horizontals, companies can gain invaluable experience in the use of sensor systems as well as the capabilities of comprehensive platforms, thus opening up great opportunities for innovative planning and development of their ideas.