Horizontal area "Internet services (IoS)"


The Internet service brings new and innovative mechanisms for the systematic use of both the Internet and the services of other providers. Stakeholder activities in Slovenia can be roughly divided into two areas: (i) the offer of highly specialized applications that are part of the Internet services ecosystem, (ii) and, to a lesser extent, the offer of basic infrastructure building blocks of the Internet of services. Most of such providers in Slovenia are small or medium-sized companies, whose main advantage is flexibility and rapid adaptation to the market. However, there is a great fragmentation of actors, as companies mostly develop solutions separately and enter the market with them. One of the important goals of the ICT horizontal network is to support these companies and enable the cooperation and joint action of individual fragmented actors.

Benefits for businesses

Global trends point to the growing growth of services that can be accessed online. Companies that want to develop high-tech products must adapt and significantly strengthen the technological level for the competitiveness of the development of modern digital solutions and services and the mastery of the third platform. Achieving global breakthroughs in the development of specific, focused niche technologies, platforms and solutions for Internet services requires the cooperation of key actors from the economy and the research sphere, thus enabling companies to access suitably specialized staff.

Companies and organizations need for the successful development of a new generation of digital solutions, mobile and cloud applications and other elements of digital or. third platforms need new knowledge and competencies to develop solutions and services. Horizontal partners offer developed solutions, education and knowledge transfer in the field of digital platforms, cloud-native architectures, microservices, API development, development of user interfaces and experiences, integration, cloud computing, etc.

As a company, in cooperation with the Internet Services, you can obtain:

- Access to highly specialized applications that are part of the internet service ecosystem that can speed up and improve your business processes.

- Access to infrastructure capacity and a wide range of data that can enrich your services.

- Possibility of cooperation with the best personnel profiles, t.i. DevOps (development engineers and system administrators); experts in cloud architectures, microservices, PaaS platforms, SaaS applications and XaaS concepts; project managers who understand new concepts of digital solutions.

- Access to competencies in the field of digital business processes and value chains.

- Possibility of cooperation with key research groups in Slovenia (Jožef Stefan Institute, University of Ljubljana, University of Maribor, etc.) and thus transfer of expertise in the economy, which is crucial in the development of products with high added value.

- Participation in future tenders in Slovenia or the EU and development of joint RDI initiatives.

How to benefit together

The main motivator of companies' cooperation in a certain field is the higher evaluation of their products and services, which will become more competitive with a common development and marketing strategy. Smaller companies gain. Larger companies, through cooperation with smaller ones, gain partners with new knowledge and fresh ideas for business opportunities that are flexible and quickly adapt to both the market and new technologies.

Through the joint development of services, the participating companies and organizations can achieve a synergistic effect, through which a comprehensive rounded product is created, the value of which is greater than the sum of the individual contributions of all partners. The key content areas where companies already have the potential to develop joint services are the following:

- Advanced (micro) services that address general areas and are applicable to all horizontals and verticals.

- Paperless business services.

- Services to provide regulatory aspects.

- Payment services and APIs.

- E-document processing services.

- Solutions in the field of language technologies, which include services for efficient communication of information.

- Field data acquisition services

- Services for the development of digital marketplace solutions and omni-channel business

- Event organization and monitoring services.

- Generic IoS services for individual verticals.

- Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services.

- A range of logistics support services.

- Services for advanced communication between actors.

- Domain horizontal services for measuring the quality of the distribution network in real time.

- Horizontal services to support the Internet of Things domain (in terms of IoS and IoT integration) and smart city areas.

- IoS-related innovations and digital business models.

- Advanced call center management solutions.

- Services to support the processes of customs clearance and monitoring of postal items.

- Industry 4.0 process simulation solutions for use in verticals.

- Solutions for assessing the sustainability of business models of business entities and monitoring key performance indicators.

- Solutions for analytics, business reporting and data mining.

- Area of software platforms.

- Solutions for cloud-native platforms, microservices, deployment, control and optimal use of cloud services.

- Solutions for API management, integration with back-end systems, integration with IoT devices.

- Cloud Services, IaaS, PaaS, HPC.

- Containers, virtualization, and container implementation environments.

- Solutions for advanced user interfaces, mobile applications and UX.

- Innovative IoS services related to Blockchain technology.

- Service for storing personal and sensory data.

- A solution for managing and secure long-term data storage.

- A solution for perceiving the characteristics of crowds according to crowd-sensing concepts.

Why choose Internet Service (IoS)

The horizontal of Internet services already includes over 80 stakeholders, including leading development companies in the industry, world-renowned research institutions and universities, which will introduce new knowledge and mechanisms for the development of high-tech products with high added value. IoS covers a wide range of areas and offers solutions that are useful and bring added value to stakeholders from the verticals of other SRIPs as well as to other companies from other areas. We offer the possibility of cooperation in narrow areas of research and development as well as in applications for RDI tenders in Slovenia and the EU, mediation in the staffing of specialized profiles and in the transfer of knowledge from the research sphere to the economy.

How to contact us

Our contact persons are: prof. dr. Matjaž Jurič, matjaz.juric@fri.uni-lj.si (horizontal manager)

Aleš Tavčar, ales.tavcar@ijs.si (member of the program council)